So let’s start with the sappy crap.

So aloha. Who woulda thought that I’d actually be a decent RPH? Made this in like late July, and now here I am, with over 300 followers. Crazy, tbh. I say the stupidest shit everyday, and I bother everyone with my excitement and stuff, and I reblog pictures beyond pictures of Niall, but everyone just deals with it. And that’s fantasticalllllll. So thanks for following me, and I dunno, just thanks for not thinking I’m annoying! Anyway, yeah. Let the naming beginnnnn!

☀ Thanks for dealing with the bullshit I give you, xo

ELLA: Eep, Hi bbyg. Idk we met like a month ago in like a little RP and our charries had a ship we never fulfilled but in the end we became a ship, yay. Elliephant and Deppie 5ever yo. Anyway, it's really cute to wake up to cute messages on aim even if it's a little basic 'ily' but I love you moreeeee! You're the Zayn to my Niall and Elliepheppiephant shall live on foreeeevveeerrrr! So I dunno thanks for just dealing with me in general, bye you're mine. I love you sunshineeeeee!

DECLAN: (first off thanks for this fantabulous graphic) Omg my sugar puff baby angel cakes dec pot pie. We've been friends for a looooonnnngggg time and you always put a little smile on my face, and you treat me like a little coco puff. That was weird, but we're weirdos together. I love you loads beyond loads, don't ever change bae. I love our little cute pet names for each other. It's so easy talking to you even though I hate bOYS (jk) Our friendship/relationship is kinda like we're obsessed with each other (pft which we totaLLY ARE) if Logan Lerman and Niall ever met, it'd be us. Oh my God I can go on for years you're so weird I love you I love you I love youuuuuu cutie pie angel dec pot peach pie, xo.

ALISHA: Leeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhh. We started out in empire, then rodanthe, and we just became like quick friends. If something ever happened to me, I grant you full permission to take Niall, but for now, we're sharing. Taylor, you, and me have this cute little 3way friendship and it's great, in all honesty. We join rps together and we have each others back, and even though you're teasing me about this could be possibly so crush, it's still great to know you'll always be my friend and I've known you long enough to know how you type. Weird but true. I love youuuuuuuuuu, niall twin xo.

TAYLOR: And last but not least, we have Taylur Lautner. It's funny how we became complete strangers, to inseparable friends. I'm your Debby Ryan for as long as you want me to beeee, and I'd even ship Zerrie for you, as horrible as it sounds. Oopsie. Anyway, you really care about me and I'm willing to be the Zayn to your Perrie. You always try your hardest to make me smile, even if I'm faking sadness. Thanks for being there for me and I'll always be there for youuuuu. I love youuuuu, Taylur Lautner. xo.

Oops thanks for talking to me like once or all the time

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My dash is nothing, nothing, nothing if I don’t have youuu

*in other news just talk to me I beg you guys are like sunglasses emoji*

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Meep, that’s about it! I’m so sure I forgot a shitload of people, and I truly apologize for it, but literally if you wanna talk to me please do so. I only have like 5 friends, okay. But anyway, yeah that’s about it annnd I’m hoping to make it to 400. Thank youuuuu!

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